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A few randoms facts about little ol' me... 

1. I have 3 little people that I treasure more than anything! 

2. Diet Coke is my preferred caffeine! I don't drink coffee but I DO love a Starbies treat!

3. I run an insane amount of miles ... for fun!

4. I'm a southern gal living in the wild west who misses the beach like crazy. 

5. If you took my iPhone away I'd be lost and crying in a corner. 

6. Reese's is a food group!

7. I have the most amazing fella ever! He loves me crazy and all!

8. Shoes... a girl can never have too many (especially of the running or flip flop variety)!

9. I have no fewer than 17 home improvement or decorating projects going on at any given time!

10. I really like pretty things! Glitter, cute shoes & really great lipstick can get a gal through the day!  

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